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Monday, February 28, 2005

Keep Terry Schiavo alive!

Terri Schiavo, the woman caught in the middle of a life and death battle between her husband and her parents, should be kept on life support. She is brain-damaged and her husband is fighting a court battle to have her feeding tube removed, which would cause her to starve to death. Her parents are fighting to keep her on life support and a judge has recently ruled against removing the feeding tube. Further efforts to end her life should also be stopped.

Corrine Young

Why behave badly during spring break?

With the impending week off from school for spring break, I am wondering when this event turned into a vacation from morals and conscious thought, rather than simply a vacation from classes. Many students pack their bags and travel to the cliché spring break locations in Florida and Mexico for a week away from the daily routine. However, it seems like many people have taken this escape to the extreme. Channels such as MTV create special shows dedicated to the chaos that one witnesses throughout the break. Why is it that people feel compelled to resort to behavior they would never take part in during the other 51 weeks in the year, simply because classes have come to a recess?

Caitlyn Tomasik

Rising TCU tuition is a problem

TCU is a great university, but the news about its increasing tuition is not so great. Even though it ranks among the top 100 U.S. universities, it lags far behind than Baylor or Texas A&M. The number of students who drop out is suspected to be one of the reasons for this, which in turn, is mainly because of increasing tuition.
In comparison to other universities, TCU has been doing a great job of recruiting students. This effort now seems to of doubtful effectiveness. This is because the rising tuition would discourage a lot of intenternational students from applying here. However, it is not just the international students who will be affected by this decision. Even though TCU said it will utilize the funds for additional faculty members, the sudden raise in tuition is a problem for many.

Sona Thapa

Teach youth abstinence AND safe sex

I want to know what everyone’s opinion is on abstinence only sex education. First of all, I believe that people should practice abstinence until marriage, but is it right to teach just that in our nation’s classrooms? I believe that abstinence should be greatly stressed, but it would be foolish and very risky to wipe out safe sex education in the basic high school curriculum. Now this percentage is probably not precisely accurate, but the general idea is that 60 percent of the United States’ youths have intercourse before the age of 18. So if kids are going to have sex regardless of our efforts to teach abstinence, they need to know how to do it safely. The reason sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS are spreading rampantly among teens is because they don’t know how to properly protect themselves. So stress abstinence until marriage, yet prepare youths with safe sex education in order to ensure a happy and healthy life.

Cody Kilpatrick

Find your passion

I believe that you should spend your life doing something that you are passionate about. Life is too short to have a career that you do not enjoy. I want to wake up every morning and know that I am doing what I love. I think that having passion for your career also produces better work. If you care about what you are doing it becomes more personal. I hope that college students are choosing what they want to do with their life based on passion -- and not money.

Melissa Brown

Sunday, February 27, 2005

What is the price of utopia?

Do y’all ever look around campus in the summer, fall or spring and realize how gorgeous it is? Do you see the multitude of flowers or perfectly manicured lawns being groomed every day? I do and I know keeping our small campus looking so perfect isn’t cheap. I almost feel guilty living in a place that many people around the world would consider a utopia (also known as the bubble) when there are so many people starving, struggling and dying in the world. We fight the “rich, spoiled, coddled, soft” stereotypes on a daily basis, but are we really just fighting the truth?

Elizabeth Berger

Blogs make it easier to discuss issues

After hearing about all the blogs in class, I have come to realize that they are more useful than I thought. Blogs are an easy way to quickly get your topic out in the world, without worrying about what people might have to say about your viewpoints. I believe that is one of the main advantages to blogging. Discussing these controversial topics in person can restrict what someone might have to say, creating bias in the discussion. Also, people are able to respond to these blogs almost anywhere, at any time, which keeps people accurate and up to date.

Richard Wasser

Blogs promote thoughtful discussion

The class discussions on blogs, what they are and their influence on today's society, has really made me more aware of their presence. As a blogger myself (obviously on a much smaller scale than what we have been reading in class), I've been forced to think about my own reasons for online journaling. The blogosphere introduces people to a new realm of perceptions. It is a chance for people to explore the perspectives of the author. Readers are often challenged in their own views - whether it be political, personal, whatever - and have the opportunity to respond with commentary. People with similar opinions, and those who differ are finally given a place to freely discuss their own positions with each other. It connects hundreds, even thousands, of people who don't personally know each other. Blogging forces people to ponder how they feel about certain issues. Ironically, this new technology is a way of excavating people's passions and creating interaction among generations.

Ashley Alderman

Students don't need nanny college rules

Students living on campus at Texas Christian University must learn how to live on their own without the required rules and regulations in the dormitories. How will the students learn to set their own rules if they are previously made for them? Having visitation hours set for them does not allow for the students to learn from their mistakes. Males and females should be allowed to visit one another as they please. Students who wish to go out rather than stay in to study will face the consequences when they begin doing poorly in school. On the other hand, those who choose to study will succeed in their academics. By not having set regulations, students will mature faster and learn to budget their time accordingly. If these students go through life having to obey rules that have been made for them by higher authorities, they will never mature on their own. In order to become responsible, you must learn from your mistakes.

Dana Cherry

College coaches make money off players

The majority of the population is not aware that college basketball coaches are earning revenue from sources other than their universities. College coaches are making deals with sporting goods manufactuers that force their players to wear a certain brand of shoes. Duke's Coach K has a million-dollar contract with the athletic company Nike. So the Duke players are wearing Nike's shoes and the coach is making a million dollars. Does anyone see a problem with that? The player's are a human billboard and get nothing from it.

Chris Laverde

Saturday, February 26, 2005

TCU students miss big-college experience

When it comes to athletics, TCU students are missing out on what big public universities offer when it comes to experience. The day I see Amon Carter Stadium sold out on a Saturday morning for a football game, I will apologize to everyone for this column. Going to football games at Texas, Texas Tech and Minnesota spoiled my college football experience. Minnesota is not that good but they packed the Metrodome. Look at Nebraska, a 6-6 record last season, sold out. I think over the years attendance and pride has gotten better here but not it's still not good enough. Our basketball team is doing well this season, but none of the students know when the games are and really don’t care. We came close to packing Daniel-Meyer when Kansas came last season, but half of the TCU students were wearing KU shirts because they are from the Midwest. I hope in the future, as a huge fan of TCU sports, that one day the fan and spirit situation improves and the future students get what we missed out on.

Matthew Winter

The richness of living somewhere else

I think that at some point in everyone's life, they need to live somewhere else than where they were raised. It broadens your train of thought, and gives you a different perspective on life. By interacting in different situations with different people, you learn more about yourself. Not only will you grow and expand your own ideas, you will learn to appreciate where you are from more. You will more greatly appreciate the comforts and stability of your home. You will also learn how independent and self-sufficient you can be. In short, experiencing a different part of the world/country will teach you many valuable lessons that can only be learned through personal experience.

Kelsey McIntyre

Why the spiraling cost of TCU tuition?

Since graduating from high school in 2002, the price of TCU has increased drastically. I understand that TCU is a private university, but it seems that there should be a limit to the increasing numbers. Why is this ever-present increase necessary? What is the extra money going for? Is it to keep the few in and the majority out?

Joanna McReynolds

Internships are a reality preview

All college students should experience an internship before graduating. I think that internships provide students with a fresh breath of reality. We sit in class all day and never quite prepare for what it will be like when you actually enter the workforce. When you have an intership under your belt you are more prepared to face the world after graduation.

Meredith Moore

Friday, February 25, 2005

Media can domesticate derogatory words

In the news yesterday, I discovered the word "wife-beater" was being added to Webster's dictionary. The definition is not an abusive husband I might add, but as an article of clothing. I was surprised at first, but then realized I use this word almost on a daily basis. This ribbed, white sleeveless shirt is worn by everyone from Paris Hilton to Kid Rock. I find it ironic though that the latest trend in fashion is named after a term created decades ago to define alcoholic men who physically abuse their wives. A once offensive label now has no offense behind it. This term shows how the media can domesticate derogatory terms into everyday words.

Allison Glass

Take responsibility for your actions

Spring break destinations offer insight into the mindset of college students. For many, it is a week filled with debauchery and hedonism, while others choose the simple relaxation route. Destinations across the globe are bombarded by students looking to hit the bars, and TCU students are no exception. Freed from the confines of TCU’s “strict” code of conduct, students make a poor example of themselves while “vacationing.” As long as these students make it to church on Sunday, their actions are completely excusable. So seems the general mindset of TCU students, as they attempt to justify their actions, to their parents and themselves. I implore students to not hide behind their religion. Stand up and take responsibility for your actions.

Bryce Romero

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Iranian blogger gets 14-year sentence

The Iranian government this week sentenced journalist Arash Sigarchi to 14 years in prison. The newspaper editor from the Caspian province in northern Iran wrote a popular blog. Reuters reports that Sigarchi had been updating his blog, which criticized the Iranian government for arresting 20 other Iranian Internet journalists, technicians and bloggers late last year. This is an opportunity we have to join with other bloggers in taking action. There are now an estimated 8 million blog sites (including this one). Together, we can spread the ideals of the First Amendment into every corner of the planet. A blog,, offers updates on blogging and what we might do to participate in supporting free speech. (It's also posted on the class Webliography.)

The greatest quarterback in history

     Who is the greatest quarterback in the history of the National Football League?
     Many players come to mind, however, only one is deserving of such a title - Dan Marino.
     Over the course of his career with the Miami Dolphins, he passed for more yards than anyone else in the history of the NFL. He also holds 24 NFL regular season records.
     Aside from the obvious fact that he never won a Super Bowl, he is still the greatest quarteback to ever play the game.
     But watch out for Peyton Manning. ...

Randy Horne

The high price of online music

You hear the new hit song on the radio, fall in love, and cannot wait to go home and play it for your roommate. But wait. Do you really want to spend the $14.99 to buy the entire compact disc for just three minutes of music? These days we no longer have online music downloading groups like Napster to turn to when we crave that one song. Not only is it illegal, but TCU is among numerous colleges that are searching students' computers to patrol the use of illegal music downloading, then punishing any offenders. So the music world now offers us a new, legal alternative. To stick with the fast-growing world of "pod people," iPod owners, Apple now hosts an online music store where one dollar can now buy you any song. Great idea, yet there is something not right with this picture. Yes, it is legal. Yes, it is easy. But does it really make sense to pay a dollar for every song? My computer library alone holds over 700 songs, all of which I acquired before online music downloading became illegal, of course, and there is no way I would have shelled out $700 for my collection. I really do appreciate Apple’s efforts to provide a lawful way for music lovers to load up their iPods. However, I think that they are taking advantage of the small market of legal online music and setting the price at a level I find ridiculously expensive.

Laura Anderson

Sunday, February 20, 2005

TCU students lack appreciation

Having visited other universities recently, I have discovered that TCU students could use a lesson in appreciation. Our campus is beautiful, our faculty is wonderful, and we have so many opportunities to get ahead in life. However, it seems that students at other colleges seem to be so much more school-spirited than those here. At a university where so much is handed to us, Ruben Navarrette has a point -- we need to stop being so "soft" and appreciate what we have.

Whitney Little

College limits life choices, Navarrette offers a view of the unlimited

Inspired by Ruben Navarrette, I feel strongly about the pressure put on college students to pick a major and determine how they are going to live the rest of their lives.

He spoke about finding your passion, and making a living from that. I was very interested in this section of his speech because I have struggled so much in trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, and what direction I wanted to go in with my education.

In college, the emphasis is put on specific areas of study. It limits creativity by implying that once the decision is made, you are locked into it, and you can't deviate from what you studied. I felt inspired by what he said about finding something you are interested in, putting the effort into it so that you become good at it, and then letting everything else fall into place. You don't have to pick something because you think it will make you wealthy. If you are doing what you love, the money will fall into place.

A lot of times, the emphasis is put in the wrong place for where we are in our lives, and it is hard to look at the big picture.

Caitlyn Tomasik

Time to call cheerleading a sport

I firmly believe that cheerleading is a sport. Gymnastics, dancing and weightlifting are all major components of cheerleading. You have to be able to dance, do gymnastics, lift people above your head, jump and be able to yell at the top of your lungs and make it look easy. You have to have endurance, strength and talent to be able to achieve all of these aspects.

Kelsey McIntyre

Choice of friends influences you profoundly

I believe that the people you surround yourself with influence who you are as a person. Although many people strive on individualism, your choice of friends can shape how you act, speak and carry yourself as a person. The importance of surrounding yourself with people who serve as a positive influence in your life is of vast importance. Once you remove the negative evergy from your life, you will realize how important a strong support system of friends really is.

Allison Glass

Don't strip 10 Commandments from courtrooms

I believe that it is wrong to strip all federal buildings of the Ten Commandments displays. As district judges have the monuments removed, they are slowly moving us to a secular society that further discriminates against true freedom of religious expression. The Ten Commandments may only be representative of a couple of faiths, but our country was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and we are throwing away our heritage by removing all traces of it. All faiths have the right to be represented in some form in society. I haven't heard anyone at our "Christian" university complain that we have a picture of Zeus engraved on our science building.

Corrine Young

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Welcome to this discussion board

Students in two sections of my Media Writing and Editing II course at Texas Christian University are required to post to this site for the rest of the term. Other members of the blogosphere are encouraged to join the conversation. It is about writing. It is about ideas. It is about civil exchange. This is Fort Worth Frog academic stretching and hospitality in its finest form. And this blog expires May 12, 2005 ... unless someone is inspired to carry on!