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Monday, April 25, 2005

My new hometown should be more tidy

Just yesterday I caught myself telling my roommate that I was on my way home. Home? It seems as if my first two years at TCU have been so wonderful that Fort Worth has subconsciously become my home. Of course my family and where I grew up will always be where my heart belongs but my comfort level has set in and I can finally say that I am home.

Since this is the case, I would like to make a plea to spruce up the area around our university. Isn’t a home a place you want to be proud of?

The TCU campus is kept immaculately clean, but my drive up Berry Street earlier this afternoon was appalling. There are empty, rundown buildings, potholes covering the street, and stores that look as if they have been neglected for decades. And this is all just within a mile of our university.

I am grateful that TCU puts a great deal of money, time and effort into the beautification of our campus, but I see this as useless if the drive to get here is so unattractive.

Laura Anderson


  • Laura,
    Yes, Berry Street is the kind of location where I lock my car doors and drive with windows up.
    Do you ever read Michelle Malkin? She writes some thought provoking journalism. A couple years ago she wrote a commentary which I remember very well. Although it was about terrorism, it included some comments about crime and neighborhoods as the backdrop. She talked of the "broken window" concept. New York turned its self around by taking care of the little things first. They repaired broken windows, removed graffiti from walls and cracked down on petty thievery and such. That sent a psychological message to the community. I think that message was, behave yourself, we may come after you next.
    There is something to be said about neighborhoods that lack good stewardship of their assets. East Berry would for sure be one of those neighborhoods. Why would a business risk leasing in a location like that has litter and broken windows?
    As much as I detest neighborhood associations for their intrusiveness into personal freedom, they do serve a purpose. You let that lawn get too high, they will mow it for you and send you the bill. You put tacky art or a broken toilet on your lawn, they will let you know.
    Maybe some community pride would go a long way? But the community has to rise up and take responsibility for formulating a vision and a plan. Once that is in place, they can seek financing from viable sources.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:35 AM  

  • Laura, you are in luck. The community and the TCU administration agrees with you. The "Berry Street Beautification Project" has recently kicked off by breaking ground for the Phoenix Housing building. You can check out all the planned campus improvements at

    This plan is only proposed. The TCU Trustees will meet in November to vote. Either way, it is good to see that we are striving to improve.

    By Blogger Corrine, at 2:39 AM  

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