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Monday, May 09, 2005

Dilemma: Water, illegal border crossing and death

Not too long ago, I was watching the news when a story came on about illegal immigrants thirsting to death while crossing over to America. Americans sent several letters to Fox News stating how inhumane this was to let these people die and that water stations should be placed all around the area close to the Mexican/U.S. border.

When I heard about this for the first time, I couldn’t believe my ears. Why in the world would we want to give illegal immigrants more incentive to try to break our laws and come into our country illegally?

I am not a racist person, in fact I have several family members who are Hispanic, so don’t assume I am playing the “race card.” All I am saying is that the fear of thirsting to death might be one of the only things that are holding thousands of other potential illegal immigrants at bay.

We shouldn’t encourage people to break the laws we have established for the betterment of our country. I believe that if anyone wants to come to America, they should work hard to achieve that goal, and then I will welcome them with open arms. Until then, don’t encourage people to break the law. What do you think?

Cody Kilpatrick


  • Cody,
    I could kiss you! My sentiments exactly. We already provide bilingual education and ESL to the tune of 8-11 billion dollars a year. Throw in free school lunches, free medical care, and the fact that the immigrant is not reinvesting in America, but sending billions home to Mexico to prop up a government that maybe should have a revolution and start all over, and we have a big mess. I am not against legal migration. I have a brother-in-law from Mexico who did things legally. He obtained a green card, then citizenship. He and my sister now reside back in Mexico. But he did it right, and he speaks fluent English.
    It is the middle class that is burdened with all of this. We need to enforce the existing laws.
    There are many unskilled Americans who have chosen not to go to college, but they can no longer compete in the marketplace to support their own families when an illegal will work for cheaper. The illegal labor market drives down fair wages. My husband and I have never hired an illegal immigrant to mow our lawn, do a remodelling job on the house or walk our poochie. This whole thing makes my blood boil!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:24 PM  

  • They come because we hire them. Unless and until we get tough with the people, like Wal-Mart (remember the cleaning crew scandal) who hire illegals because they can't complain about pay and working conditions, there will be a demand for them. They will risk their lives to get here.

    I don't for a minute buy the argument that they are doing jobs Americans won't do. They are merely doing jobs for less money than the law allows and under conditions that are illegal even in Texas.

    I find the idea of leaving people to die of thirst to dissuade others from coming unconscionable. I am sure Mr. Kilpatrick and Ms. Swofford would too if they thought about it.

    By Blogger Tom in Dallas, at 1:15 PM  

  • Tom,
    How did we "leave them" to die of thirst? Should we set up watering holes, signs, Krsipy Kreme Donut shops along the way?
    Now if we pack them in a semi-trailer and they die from lack of ventilation, stupidity, no water and drinking their own urine, those caught, must pay the price.
    Legal migration allows for our society to assimilate the impact of the newly poor and help them along the way. But when we allow uncontrolled access, we end up with migration which is not orderly and we are unable to sustain the poor. It is like the example that if my brother died tomorrow, I might be able to support one of his children, but not all four at once. My budget cannot stretch that far. Neither can my tax dollar keep pace with the masses of illegal immigrants. Dallas country grew 110 percent in Hispanic population from 1990-2000.
    Desire to be law-abiding does not negate compassion. But my compassion should allow me some say in where I choose to invest my hard-earned dollar. I would rather give me dollar to research for a cancer cure, thank you!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:08 PM  

  • If you know people are in the desert and do nothing, you have killed them just as surely as if you had packed them into a trailer and left them.

    The reason people are coming to Dallas is because the people here hire them. I find the fact that they are not punished a gross miscarriage of justice. I think anyone who hires an illegal should be subject to a stiff fine. If he hires them so he can pay illegal wages, and no taxes, he should go to jail and his business, house and everything else he owns, should be expropriated.

    To me there is no worse crime than preying on people who cannot take care of themsleves.

    There are some boneheads who suggest that people working for illegally low wages are still doing better than they would in Mexico, and therefore this is a win-win situation miss the point. This is not the immigrants' country of origin. they also miss the point that if this is allowed to continue, it won't be long before everybody is working for less than the law allows and nobody's FICA, etc is being paid.

    Wages have failed to rise faster than inflation for some time now. It can only get worse.

    By Blogger Tom in Dallas, at 12:34 PM  

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  • What Mr. kilpatrick is writing about is what saddens me. Every generation must learn for itself, because the parents do such a miserable job training their children. It wasn't that long ago,the people of this country said the exact same things about the Irish and European immigrants. They take, take, take, and give nothing. The immigrant is giving you an oppurtunity to prove that you deserve to be called into the brotherhood of man,Now! "What you do to the least of these, you do for me". Keep on being greedy with things that you have been blessed with, you'll be judged of it. Share what you never deserved,and you will be blessed over, and abundantly. Learn from history, if not from the Good Book.

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